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New Zealand: Jan-Feb 2002

  • Dsc01506
    North and South Islands, by bike, prop plane, hike, raft, kayak, van, car and flying fox. North: Auckland, Waheke Island, Bay of Islands, Waitangi, Coromandel Peninsula, Rotorua, Taupo. South: Christchurch, Arthur Pass, Greymouth, Franz Josef, Lake Moeraki, Queenstown.

O Hawaii

  • Giant flower
    Hawaii is mostly an endless visual treat. This album shares the digital fruits of several years' living and traveling in the Islands.


  • Dsc00197
    The life and times of Geneva Marie

tahiti feb. 2002

  • End of day, Tahiti
    A brief visit to Tahiti and Moorea. Decompression after 3 weeks in constant motion in New Zealand. What is most striking is the return to the sublime light of the tropics.

Hawaii 2004

  • Palace Ruins
    The year 2004 has not been a productive one on the photography front. Inspiration taken hostage by the press of other business. Inside are photos taken on Oahu and the Big Island this year. The cover shot is from an a parade through Waikiki by various groups from Japan. The women depicted above were doing kind of linear bon dance (see the O Hawaii album for a circular bon dance), all in matching kimonos, pants and slippers. There were, conservatively estimated, 400 of them.

Magic Kingdom

  • Dsc02123
    Geneva at Disneyland

tahiti, moorea, huahine - la reve et la realite

  • Huahini97
    We returned to French Polynesia this summer (winter in the southern hemi.) at the instigation of my wife, who found an art trek was headed there in July. I bougt a fancy camera and tagged along. What we found this time was the great inherent beauty of the Society Islands. Note: There are lots of photos in this album. Feel free to sample rather than slogging through the whole collection.