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Lawyer for high-tech companies, author, intellectual property strategist. Wrote the book on economic diversification in Hawaii. (Not that someone can't write a better one; just that nobody has tried.)

Member: Computer Law Association; AAAS (if you have to ask, you won't think it's important); UH Angels (early stage investors); Honolulu Academy of Art; Contemporary Museum (Honolulu); other such.

Education: Rensselaer Polytechnic, BE Aero; Yale Law School, JD. Put 'em together, you get BD (big deal). As Bill Gates proved, a college dropout with the right character traits can become the world's richest person. And as Bill Clinton proved, even a Yale Law graduate can cheat on his wife in their own house.

Travel: Every continent except Antarctica, which despite its austere beauty is not a priority destination. Most recently Bali, New Zealand.

Lived in: Fairfield County, Connecticut (a long, long time); Westchester County and also Troy, New York (talk about whiplash!); Palos Verdes Estates (above the smog line); Paris (the best large city in the world, despite Chirac).

Now live in: Nu'uanu Valley, Honolulu (see

Succession: two daughters, one granddaughter.


photography, writing, playing guitar badly, arguing, hiking, jogging, biking, swimming, thinking about surfing, lawyering, the social impact of technology, the future of Hawaii and of life as we know it.